Saddle Fitting
AMS's saddle fitting kits simplify the process as much as possible so you can begin to enjoy your horse with his new saddle as soon as possible. Order your saddle fitting kit today!

In person fittings and saddle fit clinics are also available.

Order a custom saddle fitting kit today!

Horse with Saddle

Since 2004, Allegany Mountain Saddlery has provided custom saddles at an affordable price for riders who know that their horse deserves a better custom saddle. With a success rate of around 95 percent, we’re confident that we can create custom western saddles for even the hardest-to-fit horses. Get started — order your saddle fitting kit today!

Price: $175.00

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There is a $175 fee – $75 includes outgoing shipping (within the continental United States), prepaid return label and handling fee for the shipment of forms. The remaining $100 balance will be applied to your order. Should you not move forward with a custom saddle the $100 will be retained as a fit form user fee. Canadian and other international customers please contact us directly to order custom saddle fit forms. Some fits will require one or more specialty trees to be sent out. Discounted outbound and return shipping will be available with pricing based on location, this additional shipping charge can be credited to the purchase of any saddle. Thank you! Looking forward to doing business with you!!!

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