Myler Black Steel Seven Shank Comfort Snaffle with Copper Roller MB 03


Myler Black Steel 7″ Seven Shank, MB 03 Comfort Snaffle with Copper Roller, Level 1
The MB 03 is the Myler alternative to the traditional French link or lozenge mouthpiece commonly used in snaffle bits with an added copper roller. The MB 03 rotates onto the tongue, applying tongue pressure, but because the mouthpiece is curved, it wraps around the bars and lips instead of pinching. The barrel in the center applies approximately the same pressure on the tongue as a traditional three-piece mouthpiece, however, the barrel distributes the pressure more kindly and creates Independent Side Movement™. Sweet iron mouthpiece oxidizes and encourages salivation.

Independent Side Movement
Curved Mouthpiece
Sweet Iron Mouthpiece, Copper Inlay
Black shank will discolor over time to antique brown
Stainless steel dots

Notes: The MB 03 is identical to the MB 02 except for a copper roller on the center barrel which can comfort horses that are restless or nervous. For more tongue relief, step up to the MB 04.
The Black Steel Seven Shank is a length of round black steel in a “7” curve, with a ring purchase and a rein ring. The mouthpiece is fixed to the cheek with a decorative “stack.” The entire shank moves independently of the mouthpiece. The purchase is slightly angled away from the cheek to avoid rubbing.
Size: 6 ¾” shank
Action: Indirect
Discipline: Western
Degree of Leverage: Mild to Moderate


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Weight 1 lbs